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It could be something in the water, the abundance of good weed, cheap rent, or the beautiful scenery; either way, Sydney’s Blue Mountains has a way of producing some of the finest Hip Hop artists in the country. Otherside are by no means an exception to this rule, as they’ve firmly established themselves as the next generation to carry the mantle of this fine tradition from their snowy hometown.

Otherside is a 4 member crew comprising of two emcees; Wise Guy and Hammy, veteran producer Caustic Yoda, and DJ Platterpush.

With a strong live emphasis, Otherside have achieved a unique combination of poetic lyricism, live sample triggering and complex Turntablism. Wise Guy and Hammy are true masters of wordplay, their humour and emphasis on lyrical technicality is a refreshing change to the current state of homogenized rap in this country. In addition, their raw, sample based production and turntablism techniques further establish the bold sound that Otherside are forging. Whilst their distinctive aesthetic harks back to the 1990’s golden era of Boom Bap, they bring a new school sensibility that shines a new light on a familiar style.

In a genre where live performance is often criticized for auto-tune, backing tracks, and a lack of originality; Otherside reject those clichés by applying a dynamic live approach to their shows. Caustic Yoda literally creates the entire musical arrangement live in real-time by triggering multiple samples simultaneously, utilizing live percussion (finger drumming) techniques on his classic MPC 2500 sampler. DJ Platterpush plays an integral role within each song by providing complex scratch solos, and musical accompaniment throughout. Add Wise Guy and Hammy’s vocal acrobatics, quick witted one liners and freestyles, and your left with a truly unique and dynamic live show.

Otherside have their roots in backyard rap battles and makeshift recording studios, which is a tradition they proudly represent. Maintaining a strong connection to the Blue Mountains scene and performing at regular local events helped establish a strong support base, fans that often travel hours to support Otherside gigs further afield.

2018 saw the crew releasing the rowdy ‘Slug’ EP and limited 7”, followed by their Jazz infused ‘Smoke Mics’ 7” single. Both releases resonated with heads around the country resulting in a successful East coast tour.

Each of the members of Otherside have produced solo releases this year further expanding their fan base and enabling exploration of different sounds and approaches. Otherside are currently in studio lockdown until they finish their highly anticipated debut LP, which is close to completion. Expect the unexpected when it comes this next Otherside record. The lads are still making that slamming Boom Bap shit they’re so renowned for, but they’re also changing it up and taking it to that next level.

Signing to the newly launched Scratches records is a massive step for Otherside who up until now have self released everything they have produced. The crew are excited to work with Scratches to produce an international level of quality for this album that highlights both their lyricism and musical expression. Look out for big things coming out Scratches records and Otherside in the not too distant future!



Shock the System